Apr 14, 2021

Tom DiLorenzo on the reason for government

The purpose of government is for those who run it to plunder those who do not.

~ Tom DiLorenzo

Tom DiLorenzo on the American response to the public health bureaucracy

Once the “public health” bureaucracy declared a pandemic, millions of Americans instantly turned into mental infants, eager for the D.C. bureaucracy to become their real mommies and daddies and protect them from the big bad coronavirus wolf.

~ Tom DiLorenzo, "Why 'Public Health' is the Health of the State," LewRockwell.com, April 14, 2021

Fraser Myers on the race industry

Many of the ideas about race being pushed by BLM – particularly the ubiquity of structural racism – are now part and parcel of corporate culture and the white-collar workplace.  Race experts are invited to give workshops and training on diversity and inclusion.  Employees are tested for their unconscious bias. An entire race industry worth billions has mushroomed.  The most famous and sought-after race entrepreneurs, like Robin DiAngelo and Ibram X Kendi, can earn vast sums of money in the corporate sector – sometimes tens of thousands of dollars per hour.  Those BLM protesters setting fire to police stations were not radical revolutionaries — they were more like the militant wing of the human-resources department.

~ Fraser Myers, "Why big business loves Black Lives Matter," spiked, April 13, 2021

Jensen Huang on the significance of NVIDIA

Q4 was another record quarter, capping a breakout year for NVIDIA’s computing platforms.  Our pioneering work in accelerated computing has led to gaming becoming the world’s most popular entertainment, to supercomputing being democratized for all researchers, and to AI emerging as the most important force in technology.

~ Jensen Huang, founder and CEO of NVIDIA, February 24, 2021

Apr 13, 2021

Denis Rancourt on mask wearing

By making mask-wearing recommendations and policies for the general public, or by expressly condoning the practice, governments have both ignored the scientific evidence and done the opposite of following the precautionary principle. 

In an absence of knowledge, governments should not make policies that have a hypothetical potential to cause harm. The government has an onus barrier before it instigates a broad social-engineering intervention, or allows corporations to exploit fear-based sentiments. 

Furthermore, individuals should know that there is no known benefit arising from wearing a mask in a viral respiratory illness epidemic, and that scientific studies have shown that any benefit must be residually small, compared to other and determinative factors.

~ Denis Rancourt, PhD, "Masks don’t work – a review of science relevant to Covid-19 social policy," The Wall Will Fall, June 23, 2020

Apr 11, 2021

Jamie Dimon on the Goldilocks economy

It is possible that we will have a Goldilocks moment - fast and sustained growth, inflation that moves up gently (but not too much), and interest rates that rise (but not too much).

~ Jamie Dimon, JPMorgan Chase CEO, 2020 annual letter

Apr 10, 2021

Murray Rothbard on the history of human progress

Technologically, history is indeed a record of progress; but morally, it is an up-and-down and eternal struggle between morality and immorality, between liberty and coercion.

~ Murray Rothbard, "What Changes and What Does Not," The Freeman, 1962