Jan 31, 2017

Grant's: "sovereign debt is the biggest bubble since the Bronze Age" (2016)

If practice makes perfect, Grant's is unrivaled in calling the top in bond prices.  We have done so repeatedly over the course of many years, even if not lately; since 2014, our line has rather been "one last gasp" for the bulls.  We now say that the last gasp has been gulped.  With all the fluency that comes with study and repetition, we say that sovereign debt is the biggest bubble since the Bronze Age, or maybe since ancient Sumer.  The notion that negative-yielding bonds, denominated in a fiat currency, are a "safe" asset is a misconception that belongs in the next edition of Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds.  We are bearish on bonds, especially the ones that, like new cars on a dealer's lot, positively guarantee the owner a loss as soon as he takes possession of his property.

~ Jim Grant, Grant's Interesting Rate Observer, "Remember the Shell Oil 2 1/2s of 1971," July 15, 2016

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