Oct 30, 2016

Kevin Duffy on virtuous and vicious cycles

Just as giving is the virtuous cycle of life, coercion is the vicious cycle.  If the largest coercive institution, by far, is government, why do often the most privately giving people tolerate and even promote Big Government?

~ Kevin Duffy

Oct 24, 2016

Kevin Duffy on giving

Life is a gift.  Giving is the virtuous circle of life.

~ Kevin Duffy

Oct 23, 2016

Kevin Duffy on revisionist vs. official history

Revisionist history is like a good murder mystery: gathering evidence, checking alibis and finding associations and motives to build a plausible narrative.  Official history is a predetermined narrative where the guilty run free and the innocent get the electric chair.

~ Kevin Duffy

Oct 10, 2016

Angela Fiori on feminism

Feminism proclaimed that for women to be fulfilled they had to adopt the career ambitions of workaholic men, the sexual promiscuity of John F. Kennedy, and the cynicism of Gloria Steinem (the pre-married one, that is). Can you think of any demographic group other than women who would have bought into this prescription for complete disaster and then cried victim when the Bunker Buster of Inevitable Biology crashed through the roof and blew up in their faces? Think Wile E. Coyote. No, think of someone much dumber.

 ~ Angela Fiori, "Feminism's Third Wave," LewRockwell.com, May 23, 2003

Oct 5, 2016

Kyle Bass: Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley would've failed without Fed bailouts

I think they made a really significant error during the crisis.  I don't think that there was enough of a flush of bad activity and bad investing back then, and the point is when the banks and investment banks came to the Fed and wanted the Fed to bail them out, the taxpayers ended up bailing out the bankers.  Goldman Sachs exists today because they were made a bank holding company and so does Morgan Stanley.  Back then, I don't think they would've made it if not for the Fed stepping in.

~ Kyle Bass, Wall Street Week interview, 6:29 mark, posted January 3, 2016

James Turk on Fedspeak, a.k.a. propaganda

The Federal Reserve often speaks of controlling expectations. That’s a politically correct way of describing propaganda.

~ James Turk