Dec 8, 2019

Bertrand Russell on critical thinking

If an opinion contrary to your own makes you angry, that is a sign that you are subconsciously aware of having no good reason for thinking as you do.

~ Bertrand Russell

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Bertrand Russell on the difference between ignorance and stupidity

Men are born ignorant, not stupid.  They are made stupid by education.

~ Bertrand Russell

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Rolf Dobelli on the value of avoiding cognitive errors

If we could learn to recognize and evade the biggest errors in thinking - in our private lives, or in government - we might experience a leap in prosperity.  We need no extra cuddling, no new ideas, no unnecessary gadgets, no frantic hyperactivity - all we need is less irrationality.

~ Rolf Dobelli, The Art of Thinking Clearly, p. xviii

Recommended books by Notable & Quotable

The Road Less Traveled, by Scott Peck. This is a timeless classic on getting out of your comfort zone and seeking the truth. "Mental health is an ongoing process of dedication to reality at all costs."  Words to live by...

The Art of Thinking Clearly, by Rolf Dobelli.  One key to success?  Avoid muddled thinking and cognitive errors.  Here are 99 bite-size examples from survivorship bias to "Why you shouldn't read the news."

How Do You Know?, by Christopher Mayer.  Once you've completed The Art of Thinking Clearly, take this subject to the next level.  Learn to appreciate the limits of knowledge... and the value of humility.

The Bed of Procrustes, by Nassim Taleb.  A collection of aphorisms full of wit and wisdom by my favorite living philosopher.

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Dec 4, 2019

Frank Chodorov on inequality and freedom

Freedom is essentially a condition of inequality, not equality.  It recognizes as a fact of nature the structural differences inherent in man - in temperament, character, and capacity - and it respects those differences.  We are not alike and no law can make us so.

~ Frank Chodorov

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Pope Francis on inequality

Inequality is the root of social evil.

~ Pope Francis

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Ben Shapiro on the progressive worldview of wealth, inequality, virtue and evil

No one is a better person just because they're poor.  By the way, no one's a better person because they're rich.  All that wealth is is a measure of voluntary exchanges you engaged in in a free market.  That's all that wealth is.  But the idea for the Left is that all inequality is evil, therefore the people who are unequal at the top are evil and the people at the bottom are virtuous.  Which is why you'll hear people on the Left say things like they like small business, but they hate people who are big business like the Wal-Mart family, the Walton family.  They're terrible.  Well were they terrible when they were just a family living in the middle of nowhere?  When exactly did they transition over into evil?  When they became successful enough.  Because their success meant, by necessity, according to the leftist worldview, they were depriving others of their fair share.

~ Ben Shapiro, "Ben Shapiro EDUCATES College Professors in an Epic Q & A," YouTube, 18:38 mark, before 2016 presidential election (posted July 24, 2019)