Jul 5, 2018

Mark Mobius on a trade war with China

I agree with [Trump] completely.  The U.S. has been taken for a ride — let’s face it — over the last 20 or 30 years. It’s time to start saying, ‘Look, there has to be some reciprocity between these two countries, because it’s just crazy to have this kind of deficit.'


I think at the end of the day, the U.S. is going to win this one, because the U.S. is the biggest importer in the world, and China needs the U.S.  Winning means getting some concessions and a reduction in the trade deficit.

~ Mark Mobius, retired portfolio manager at Franklin Templeton and famed global investor, as appeared on CNBC, July 4, 2018

(Comments on trade with China are from 1:00 to 2:50 of the video.)

Jun 27, 2018

Paul Krugman on Trump's brewing trade war

I've been amazed at the complacency of markets as Trump marches off to trade war.

~ Paul Krugman, Twitter post, June 19, 2018

Jun 8, 2018

Byron Wien: "the earliest we’re gonna have a recession is 2021"

There will be 10% corrections along the way. Generally, we are in a period of low volatility because there isn’t a recession in sight. My view is the earliest we’re gonna have a recession is 2021.

~ Byron Wien, strategist, Blackstone, "'Something lurking out there' will upset the stock market, says Blackstone's Wien," MarketWatch, June 8, 2018

Jun 3, 2018

John Templeton on investing and the limits of knowledge

An investor who has all the answers doesn't even understand all the questions.

~ Sir John Templeton

Jun 2, 2018

Warren Buffett on the key to investing

The key to investing is not assessing how much an industry is going to affect society, or how much it will grow, but rather determining the competitive advantage of any given company and, above all, the durability of that advantage.

 ~ Warren Buffett

May 21, 2018

Tony Dwyer: positively-shaped yield curve is bullish

Please don't get bearish when there's a positively-shaped yield curve.

~ Tony Dwyer, as appeared on CNBC, January 25, 2018

May 17, 2018

Robert Patton on school vouchers

Those proponents of liberty who advocate the voucher system fail to recognize that, in so doing, they are giving an implicit endorsement to a principle that they profess to oppose. The fundamental premise of the voucher plan is identical to that underlying the present system of state education. The coercive power of the state (which in the final analysis means the threat or use of the gun) will still be used to seize the property of private individuals in the name of an undefinable public good.

~ Robert Patton, The Freeman [April 1971]