Jun 18, 2010

Ed Markey on the Gulf oil spill and waiving the Jones Act

Markey said the Obama administration should consider waiving the Jones Act, which requires ships operating in U.S. waters to be owned and operated by U.S. companies, as part of an “all-hands-on deck” spill response.

“We have to look at all parts of the world to find the help we need to ensure that we minimize the harm that is done to the people who live in the Gulf region,” said Markey, chairman of the House Energy Committee’s energy and environment panel.

The Department of State is considering offers of vessels from the European Maritime Safety Agency, the Netherlands, Russia, Sweden and Vietnam offered vessels, according to a report yesterday.

~ Congressman Edward Markey, D-MA, "Anadarko, Mitsui Should Pay Share BP Spill Claims, Markey Say," Bloomberg.com, June 18, 2010

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