Jun 18, 2010

Felix Zulauf on the coming currency reform due to repeated financial crises

We are in the final, in the end game, of this system.

It means that we will enter a deflationary period that is accelerating, and the policymakers are trying to counter-act and fight this by using highly inflationary policies. It's sort of a dance on a high-rope, a high-risk dance, and we don't know for certain which way the dancer will eventually fall down to-- some argue it's going to be a deflationary collapse and others argue that it will be hyperinflation.

I think the deflationary pressure on our system will increase and intensify over the next few years and we will come to the point where we will have Lehman, AIG, Citi, in one day happening. At that point in time, there is no way the banking system can handle it.

Therefore, next time, the governments can not come in again because many of those governments are already perceived as bust, too. At that point in time I think the central banks will come in big time and you will see that the balance sheets of the central banks will not expand by a factor of 2 or 3, but of 50, or 100, or something like that.

And once that happens, you will have virtually, in a few weeks, a situation where basically you make our currencies as we knew them, invaluable-- you destroy them.

~ Felix Zulauf, King World News, May 28th, 2010

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