May 10, 2016

Lew Rockwell on the cause of freedom, truth and lies, and smearing of entrepreneurs

Is the cause of freedom, private property, sound money, and - to be moderate - taking a meat axe to the government and all its works - irretrievably lost?  Do we have to sit back and accept a form of economic and social Marxism?


And why is that?  Because the truth, no matter how seemingly battered and bruised, still shines through.  It can never be wiped out, no matter how rotten the regime.  In the end, the truth will triumph over deceit.

Our opponents are the party of lies.  Lies about economics, history, and political philosophy.  Lies about the Fed and other government chains on society.  Lies about the nature of the state and its deeds.  Lies about the heroes to be admired and emulated, and the villains to be despised.

In the media and the classroom, entrepreneurs are smeared as greedy and destructive, when in fact they are heroes, essential to human flourishing.  Instead, we are supposed to worship politicians and officials who are no better than common thieves.  Yet far more destructive.

~ Lew Rockwell, April 26, 2016

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