May 15, 2016

Jeff Deist on why loss of faith in government is a positive sign

I'm convinced that this loss of faith in government is quantifiably different today.  This is not just our grandparents' sort of complaining about "let's throw all the bums out."  This is different; something's different in America today.  And really that's what our movement is all about, right?  It's helping people make the leap from where they already are, which is government isn't working, to where they need to be, which is government can't work.  At least certainly not a government of 320 million diverse people top-down style from Washington, DC.  It's an absurdity.

~ Jeff Deist, "Alt-Right vs. Socialist Left: What It Means for Liberty" @ 27:13, Mises Circle Houston, January 30, 2016

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