Sep 4, 2014

JPMorgan strategist David Lebovitz dismisses bullish investor sentiment as a concern

Q: What about sentiment?  The I.I. Report [Investors Intelligence], which people monitor, shows that bearishness is now at a 27 year low...  Are people getting too optimistic, too exuberant over this rally?

A: I think people are getting complacent, but we've seen a strong of no bad news for the most part.  People are comfortable with the Ukraine.  They're comfortable with what's going on the Middle East.  So I expect that there will be something which catches us all by surprise at some point, but generally speaking things are pretty good.

~ David Lebovitz, global market strategist, JPMorgan Asset Management, as appeared on CNBC, September 4, 2014

(Lebovitz has been in the investment business all of 6 years, landing his first job in July, 2008.)

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