Feb 4, 2013

John Mackey on capitalism and fascism

I am an idealist. I would like the world to improve. I see America in decline. Average income is falling.  Americans now are making less money on an inflation-adjusted basis than were 10 years ago. I’m doing what I can to try to reverse it.

The currency system that we have today is going to crash.  The U.S., Europe and Japan are all basket cases. They are all in deep trouble.

Every politician wants to kick the can down the road. They just hope it collapses when someone else is in office. Fiat money and entitlement cultures are not sustainable. I don’t think these things are capable of reforming themselves without a crash.

If not a crash, then decades of high unemployment and slow growth — or even negative growth like we saw last quarter.

You might end up with Hitlers, and things like that, but there’s also a chance we could rebuild intelligently.

~ "Whole Foods CEO concerned about whole economy", February 1, 2013, CBS Marketwatch

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