Jul 7, 2011

Ken Fisher tunes out Bernanke, tempers his 2011 forecast

First, whenever I feel the urge to pay attention to Mr. Bernanke, I watch reruns of the Beverly Hillbillies instead. Second, in every economic expansion in our lifetimes, and before, the rate of GDP growth has been variable and there have always been quarters the GDP growth rate slowed down sometimes, in fact single quarters of negative GDP growth within economic expansions. This period is not very abnormal. Mind you, I'm not terribly bullish for this year. My view of this year has been single digit positive returns and much more of a picker's year than big broad theme year. I'm not terribly wildly optimistic and try to do the best I can to think about Mr. Bernanke the way Milton Friedman would have written about him-- we would do better if we would do less.

~Ken Fisher, CEO, Fisher Investments, CNBC, June 22, 2011

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