May 4, 2011

Jim Paulsen on what the reported killing of OBL says to the rest of the world

We've cut the head of the snake off this organization at the same time that we're almost in the process of continually remaking the Middle East in general, with a breakout towards embracement of democracy, which will ultimately lead to more capitalism... there's just a sense of this thing finally turning in the right direction. And I wonder if a ways from now we'll look back and this will be a flag in the sand where we finally turned the corner, even though it's not necessarily the event that did it, it might be the event that marks when Americans in general and investors in general are feeling better.

This morning America is back, and we don't have to take crap from China or North Korea or anybody. That's a good feeling overall.

~Jim Paulsen, chief investment strategist, Wells Capital Management, CNBC's Squawk Box, May 2, 2011

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