May 17, 2011

China bull says an economic collapse is out of the picture

The final thing that I'd have to disagree with a little bit is [Bill Smead] said something about is that the most bearish people are talking about 4-5% growth. I think for the last two years we've heard a lot of people talk about a bust in the bubble, this speculative real estate bubble that's going to explode. There's no question, as I said, I go over there a lot, there's speculation in the real estate market.

When you go through the numbers, you come out with the worst possible case and you go back to subprime US... you can't get a burst in the economy. You're gonna get a burst in the real estate market, but it ain't anything like what happened in the US.

~Mike Holland, Holland and Company, CNBC's "Squawk on the Street", May 16, 2011

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