Apr 25, 2011

Wall St "Big Money" bulls say this is a run-of-the-mill cyclical recession

We've said time and again this is a business cycle playing out. Cyclical elements like autos and housing that have been a drag will add something nontrivial to growth in the next 12 months. You don't need to get clever or cute. Buy quality names such as Corning, Cisco Systems and Dow Chemical. There are great returns to be made in big-cap, blue-chip equities in the coming quarters.

~Charles Lemonides, founder, ValueWorks, "Money Managers are Cautiously Bullish", Barron's.com, April 23, 2011

("Lemonides expects the Dow to hit 13,450 by the end of 2011, and 14,000 by June 2012. He sees the S&P 500 closing in on 1500 by the middle of next year, and the Nasdaq reaching 3200.")

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