Apr 8, 2011

Tony Dwyer on Q1 expectations and bullish corporate earnings for years to come

We're expecting another great quarter. At the end of the day, Maria [Bartiromo], the yield curve is steep, the economy keeps beating expectations. Look at retail sales this week: the comp store sales were above expectations even though Easter comes three weeks later. You know, our view is that the economy is kind of on fire, here, in a good way. The employment picture is dramatically improving and that creates, for us, probably out most differentiated call right now, is that the Fed is going to raise rates much sooner than most people think, probably in the early part of the second half of this year, but the language is going to aggressively become more hawkish as we get there.

I'm a little bit more cautious on the commodity trade, but very bullish... at the end of the day, the market correlates most directly with the direction of earnings and that is going to be positive for years to come.

~Tony Dwyer, chief equity strategist, Collins Stewart, CNBC, April 8, 2011

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