Nov 22, 2010

Adrian Day on the commodity "super-cycle" (2010)

China is at the takeoff phase.


China being twenty percent of the world’s population is probably going to take longer than the ['super-cycles'] of Japan and Korea, which were both 10 years. The good news for commodity investors is that once China matures and [its] demand for resources plateaus, behind [it] you’ve got India.


Supply simply cannot keep up with demand.


I have no doubt that at some point over the next five or ten years we are going to have one or two or three vicious corrections. [citing the nearly $100 oil price plunge in 2008 and 2009 as an example] [But] if you really understand the long-term fundamentals, then you just need to stick with it and ride out those corrections.

~ Adrian Day, "'Just Stick With It': Commodity 'Super-Cycle' Will Last Decades, Day Says," Yahoo! Finance tech/ticker, November 22, 2010

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