Oct 23, 2010

Independent Senate Candidate Warren Mosler Bets $100M Federal Government Can Not Run Out Of Money

I am running for U.S. Senate to see my policies implemented to create the 20 million jobs we need. And to do this it must be understood that there is simply no such thing as the U.S. Federal government running out of money, nor is the Federal government operationally dependent on borrowing from China or anyone else. U.S. states, individuals, and companies can indeed become insolvent, but U.S. government checks will never bounce.

Yes, large Federal deficits that push the economy beyond the point of full employment can lead to inflation or currency devaluation, but not bankruptcy and not bounced checks. If lawmakers today understood this fact, they would not be looking to cut Social Security and we would not still be mired in this disastrous recession.

~Warren Mosler, Connecticut Independent candidate for US Senate, "Senate Candidate Bets Congress $100 Million That the U.S. Government Cannot Run out of Money", BusinessWire.com, October 23rd, 2010

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