Feb 17, 2009

Professor Steven Keen debating Peter Schiff about the decoupling theory

I wish Peter [Schiff] were right that the rest of the world had its act in order. The rest of the OECD doesn't. It isn't just America that been borrowing more money than it's been earning - the whole of the OECD bar one country, which has France, has been having an increase in ratio of its debt to GDP for the last 30 years. So we're all in the borrowing game. We've all made the mistake of confusing money generated by real production with money you can borrow from a bank. And that's kept on going for so long that it's reached the point now where that game is over. If you like, it's the old "greater fool" philosophy. You make money if you find a greater fool who borrows more money than you did to buy the same asset off you and you get away rich and they end up with even more.

~ Professor Steven Keen, "Schiff, Keen on dateline," News Kontent, September 12, 2008

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