Jan 11, 2009

Barack Obama on financial bailouts and transparency

Let's lay out very specifically some of the things that we are going to do with the next $350 billion of money. And I think that we can regain the confidence of both Congress and the American people that this is not just money that is being given to banks without any strings attached and nobody knows what happens, but rather that it is targeted very specifically at getting credit flowing again to businesses and families.

I think that when you look at how we have handled the home foreclosure situation and whether we've done enough in terms of helping families on the ground who may have lost their homes because they lost their jobs or because they got sick, we haven't done enough there.

~ President-Elect Barack Obama, interview on ABC's "This Week," "Obama: $350b bailout needs to help people," Associated Press, January 11, 2009

(Among the things under consideration by Obama aides and congressional Democrats are limiting executive pay at institutions that receive the money and forcing such institutions to get rid of any private aircraft they may own or lease.)

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