Jun 9, 2008

George Soros on George W. Bush and the war on terror

Bartiromo: Your book is unusually harsh on President Bush. At one point you write: "The Bush Administration and the Nazi and Communist regimes all engaged in the politics of fear." Do you really believe the Administration is a threat to democracy?

Soros: Yes, I really do believe that, and that is why I got involved in politics. By claiming to engage in a war against an unknown enemy that will never disappear...President Bush has appropriated excessive powers for the executive branch...undermining the division of powers that have been the mainstay of our democracy. In addition, he succeeded for a while in making any criticism of his policies appear as if it was unpatriotic. That undermines the first principle of an open society: critical thinking.

~ George Soros, "What Soros Sees Ahead," BusinessWeek, June 26, 2006, interview by Maria Bartiromo

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