Apr 12, 2008

Justin Raimondo on Israel's foreign policy

What is it with the Israelis? Why do they have a predilection for murderous tyrants? What seems, at first, like a pattern of sheer moral perversity may be broken down, in specific cases, into discrete economic, strategic, and diplomatic objectives. Yet one has to be astonished – and more than a little horrified – at the complete amorality that guides the Israeli government's actions around the world.

This record of Israeli support for dictators and despots worldwide is, perhaps, part of the reason for that country's growing unpopularity on a global scale: however, in the US, where the Israel lobby wields inordinate power in government and the media, it's quite a different story. Here, support for Israel is in the 70 percent range – a testament to the supposedly nonexistent power of the Lobby, and the relative ignorance of and indifference to world affairs exhibited by most Americans.

~ Justin Raimondo, "Israel Loves Mugabe; Why is that?," Antiwar.com, April 11, 2008

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