Mar 26, 2008

Georges Yared sees Google stock hitting 1,200 in 2009 (2007)

[Google's] 40%-50% growth rate gives it a category-killer status, so we think the stock will hit 1,200 in 2009. [His bold forecast is based on his 2009 earnings estimate of $29 a share on revenues of $29 billion, up from his 2008 estimate of $21 on $16.8 billion, and 2007's $15.60 on $15.6 billion.]

~ Georges Yared, Yared Investment Research, "After a Long Gallop, Is Google Winded?," BusinessWeek, December 3, 2007, by Gene Marcial

(Of 37 analysts who track Google, 33 tag it a buy. None rates the stock a sell.)

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