Feb 26, 2008

Gazprom planning to build 1,300-foot tower in St. Petersberg

Built by Peter the Great as Russia's gateway to the West, St. Petersburg is known for its baroque and neoclassical architecture. So a 1,300-foot tower planned by Russia's energy giant Gazprom that exceeds zoning laws has critics aghast - and Unesco threatening to yank the city's World Heritage designation. But Gazprom is St. Pete's largest taxpayer, and the city is helping finance the project, which a Gazprom spokesperson says represents the "ambition of new Russia." The smart rubles are on the tower's getting built.

~ "Nyet in My Backyard," Fortune, March 3, 2008, by Eugenia Levenson

(Tapei 101 has held the title as "World's Tallest Building" since 2004 with a roof height of 1,474 feet.)

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