Jan 2, 2008

Ken Fisher makes the cover of Investment Adviser magazine

From his long-running weekly “Portfolio Strategy” column at Forbes, to his frequent appearances in the electronic media, to his writings in the trade press, and to his heavy presence in television advertising and in your mailbox—and probably in your clients’ mailboxes as well—[Ken] Fisher’s prominence is as evident in the financial services world as it is in the consciousness of consumers. But don’t mistake his ubiquity and media savvy for shallowness. Fisher is a businessman who has built an advisory firm that is as successful in attracting clients and assets—and keeping them—as it is in public relations. As the most successful RIA in the universe as measured by his $35 billion in assets and more than 900 employees, Fisher Investments is in many ways the benchmark that other advisory firms should measure themselves against.

~ Investment Adviser, "Doing it Right," June 2007, by James J. Green

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