Dec 13, 2007

Any Rand on conservatives poorly defending capitalism

The liberals are constantly asserting that they represent the future – that they are new, progressive, forward-looking, etc. And they denounce the conservatives as old-fashioned representatives of a dead past. The conservatives conceded and thus helped the liberals to propagate one of today’s most grotesque contradictions. Collectivism and dictatorship – the frozen status society – is offered to us in the name of progress, while capitalism – the only free, dynamic, creative society ever devised – is defended in the name of passivity and stagnation.

The plea to preserve tradition as such appeals to the worst elements in men and rejects the best. It appeals to fear, cowardice, conformity, self doubt, and rejects creativeness, originality, independence, self-reliance. It is an outrageous plea to address to human beings anywhere, but the more outrageous here, in America – the country based on the principle that man must stand on his own feet, lead by his own judgment, and move constantly forward as a productive, creative innovator.

Ayn Rand, "Ayn Rand on the GOP," (video) 1961

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