Nov 24, 2007

Ken Fisher: "Credit crunch bogeyman" will disappear "by the time Halloween is over"

So many people are bearish, so many experts are wringing their hands over subprime lending, so great are the fears of a credit crunch, that you should be … bullish! It isn't just the media's dirge about mortgage defaults that will supposedly ripple everywhere. Normally sounder-thinking Main and Wall Streeters are worrying themselves to death about the economy. It took just one lightning-quick month, beginning in mid-July, for the popular consensus to go from optimism to pessimism. A rapid switch like that never happens around market tops, only corrections. The bears are wrong.

In the Sept. 17 column I detailed why we have no real credit crunch, scarcely even a hunch of a crunch. By the time Halloween is over, the credit crunch bogeyman will have disappeared along with the ghosts and skeletons.

~ Ken Fisher, "Credit Goblins," Forbes, October 15, 2007

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