Nov 17, 2007

Hillary Clinton: "Climate change is our space race"

For this generation, climate change is our space race.

The climate crisis is also one of the greatest economic opportunities in the history of our country. It will unleash a wave of innovation, create millions of new jobs, enhance our security and lead the world to a revolution in how we produce and use energy.

It's the biggest challenge we've faced in a generation, a challenge to our economy, our health and our planet. It's time for America to meet it. It is time to get back into the solutions business.

~ Senator Hillary Clinton, speaking in a cavernous factory with giant wind turbines in the background at the Iowa State University Biobased Industry Outlook Conference, November 5, 2007

(Clinton, who is pursuing the Democratic presidential nomination, is calling for creation of a $50 billion strategic energy fund, coupled with tougher fuel efficiency standards financed in part by $20 billion in "green vehicle bonds.")

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