Nov 5, 2007

Chris Scott on "military intelligence" and its role in the Iraq War

A story in the news the last couple of weeks aired on 60 Minutes tonight. The story was about Rafid Ahmed Alwan [aka "Curveball"], who claimed he defected from Iraq and that he had first-hand evidence of Iraq's biological weapons program. Despite warnings from Germany, where Alwan showed up as a defector, the CIA used Alwan's claims to help build a case for the invasion of Iraq. Members of the highest levels of the CIA were duped, and they presented their findings to then Secretary of State Colin Powell. Powell announced the findings to the world at the United Nations. Three weeks later, the U.S. invaded Iraq.We spend billions on intelligence, and we can't get it right?

~ Christopher Scott, history professor, "New At Politics" blog, November 4, 2007

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