Oct 31, 2007

Jon Markman on the container shipping industry

Globalization is responsible for a lot of great things: Higher incomes for fast-growing middle classes in Asia, cheaper consumer electronics in the United States, markets for energy in the Middle East, a shorter workweek in Europe and Kentucky Fried Chicken outlets in Kuwait.

But what is responsible for globalization? Is it an improvement in entrepreneurs' ability to finance emerging markets' factories? The liberalization of command-driven economies in formerly despotic countries? A stroke of luck?

I would suggest a lot of the credit can be given to the standardized shipping container -- those 40-foot-long boxes you see on the decks of oceangoing ships, rail-car flatbeds and truck trailers. Without agreement among the world's manufacturing and freight-forwarding giants on the size and shape of a common box, getting iPods and chairs and auto parts from Shanghai to Seattle and Scotland would be crazy-expensive, not to mention a huge hassle.

~ Jon Markman, "Time to Load Up on Container Ship Stocks," MSN Money, May 17, 2007

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