Oct 23, 2007

Jim Rogers: Sell U.S. dollars, buy Chinese yuan

I'm in the process of -- I hope in the next few months -- getting all of my assets out of U.S. dollars. I'm that pessimistic about what's happening in the U.S.

It's the official policy of the central bank and the U.S. to debase the currency.

The U.S. dollar is and has been the world's reserve currency, the world's medium of exchange. That's in the process of changing. The pound sterling, which used to be the world's reserve currency, lost 80 percent of its value, top to bottom, as it went through the whole period of losing its status as the world's reserve currency.

[The Chinese renminbi is] the best currency to buy right now. I don't see how one can really lose on the renminbi in the next decade or so. It's gotta go. It's gotta triple. It's gotta quadruple. [China is] going to be the most important country in the 21st century.

[The carry trades in yen and francs will] unwind someday, [which will send the currencies] straight up. I'm buying the yen.

[The bull markets in bonds and stocks are] over. Bonds will be a terrible place to be for many years and will in fact be going down for many years.

Jim Rogers, "Jim Rogers Shifts Assets Out of Dollar to Buy Chinese Currency," Bloomberg.com, October 23, 2007

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