Oct 29, 2007

Ben Stein: "Now is the time to buy"

As I write this, the markets are in turmoil. Stocks have fallen considerably since their recent highs. There's growing gloom on Wall Street, and the newspapers are filled with scare stories. The upshot: Now is the time to buy. Not for tomorrow, not for next month, maybe not for next year. But for the long term, it's absolutely time to buy.

I don't see a recession brewing. Or, if one is brewing, it doesn't strike me as a long, strong one.

Given that, if the market is pricing stocks as if there'll be a major recession, and pricing financials as if there'll be a collapse in New York, you might do well to buy broad indexes of stocks and indexes of financials.

The road ahead will be bumpy. Fine -- "mama, that's where the fun is," as Bruce Springsteen sang long ago. But if times are better than Wall Street is betting, you may want to bet against Wall Street. They're in it for a day or an hour -- you're in it for life. And you have an immense advantage: You can take advantage of their panic.

They take plenty of advantage of you, so now it's your turn. Buy and hold.

~ Ben Stein, "No Nightmare on Wall Street," Yahoo! Finance, October 29, 2007

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