May 14, 2010

Jim Cramer on leadership potential in growth stocks following the "flash crash"

They are all fabulous barometers of the market's health, and right now it's in great shape according to these swift, Marine generals. These leaders are in full 'paths of glory'-mode, only this time they go over the top and take the anthill instead of being decimated.

They've trumped Spain, they've trumped Portugal, even Greece! And remember, we're already less worried about those ne'er-do-well countries because the market is still soaring in recognition that the International Monetary Fund, which doubles as the Impossible Missions Force, is getting the job done. And I gotta tell you, from the strong rally in the bonds of the ne'er-do-well countries, I gotta tell ya-- we're not done. By the way, we don't mind sayin' it-- we told ya so!

The bottom line: with fast-growing stocks like Apple,, Intuitive Surgical, Chipotle and Deckers, the true Marine generals of the market are taking the lead and the whole growth cohort should soon follow. We've got great leadership and that's a powerful reason to believe in this rally. Semper fi stocks, for a surging market!

~Jim Cramer, "Leaders of the Pack", Mad Money, May 12th, 2010

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