Dec 4, 2007

Joan McCullough on the Fed and its sycophants

Just sit there a moment and think back over the years on the Street's Greenspan apologists who were cheering this buffoon on, groveling at times and taking every opportunity to argue in defense of his wanton behavior. In short, they performed the public service duty of rationalizing this old coot's BS stories. At the same time, anyone who dared to question the gospel that this bloviator was spewing, was held to ridicule as lunatic fringe.

That miscreant was succeeded by Ben Bernanke, academic beard and tweed jacket included; where's the pipe? As recently as May, he was still touting the subprime mess as "contained." Enough said. Loser.

~ Joan McCullough, East Shore Partners, Morning Comment, December 4, 2007

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